Sunday Social & Baptism

Vines Christian Fellowship is having another Sunday Social & Baptism immediately following the service on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

Bring a dish to share

(Alpha by last name)

A-H – Dessert, I-O – Salad, P-Z – Side/Main


Mother’s Day Tea

On Saturday, May 8th at 11:00AM, we have the Mother’s Day Tea. Please join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. This is going to be a lite potluck. Women, please wear a Spring dress and Spring hat. This event is taking place at the Bowers’ residence, located at 41190 Corte Catalunya, Temecula, CA 92592.

VCF Garage Sale Update

Hello Vines Christian Fellowship Ohana!! Here’s a little update on how things went with the Garage Sale on 3/5/21 and 3/6/21. We raised nearly $3000.00 for Cultivating Inclusion through sales  and donations. We had a great turnout and are so thankful for everyone’s support and assistance. We have some leftover things that we are donating and a couple of items are going to eBay. Thank you so much again for the community support. If you are still interested in donating to Cultivating Inclusion, you can do so by visiting our online giving page here on the website, or by writing a check and bringing it to one of the Sunday services. Please notate that the funds are to be allocated to Cultivating Inclusion.

VCF Garage Sale Assistance Needed

VOLUNTEERS are needed all week for the upcoming garage sale. We will be pricing, organizing and setting up for the BIG sale! The Bowers garage is full and more donations continue to come in. Please sign up today! Proceeds/donations will be given to Cultivating Inclusion, a one-of-kind farming project for our community and unsold items will be donated to Vietnam Veterans of America.

VCF Garage Sale

We are having a garage sale at Dennis and Mikki’s house on March 5th and 6th. Anything you are looking to get rid of will help. We are raising money to help a charity and need your help. If you have something that is too big for your car, please reach out to Mario at Mario has a truck and can possibly help get your big items to the garage sale. For more information, please check the events calendar.

Serving God at Vines Christian Fellowship

Serving God starts with an understanding of the way He has wired you. What are you good at? What are you not good at? Here at Vines Christian Fellowship, we have many areas where your talent and gifts could be used. If God is leading you to serve in some capacity, please reach out to a staff member, or email us at to get a better understanding of where you fit best.

Sharing God’s Love Through Your Tithes and Offerings

Supporting our military: As an ongoing ministry, VCF is supporting Operation Worship which provides bibles to our service men and women. Please pick one up and write your personal message on the page provided. The bibles will be distributed throughout the world where our military serve.

Women’s Bible Study is returning

The Women’s Bible Study is returning on Saturday mornings at 10:00am. Please check the events calendar for details where you can download and save the dates to your phone, tablet or computer.

Men’s Bible Study has returned

The Men’s Bible Study has returned on Thursday nights at 6:00pm. Please check the events calendar for details where you can download and save the dates to your phone, tablet or computer.

Happy 2021 to everyone!!

Hello all!! We are so excited for the new year and are looking forward to fellowshipping with all of you as much as possible throughout 2021. We are still meeting at Oak Mountain Winery on Sundays at 9:30am and will stream live on YouTube as well. God bless you all and hope to see you soon.